Aertv Service Change Announcement – 2 January 2014

From today, mobile access to the Aertv service is part of our premium service. You can upgrade to Aertv Plus for €1.29 for the first month and €5.99 per month after that by clicking here. Customers who use laptops and PCs remain unaffected and will continue to be able to watch a limited number of channels for free.

To encourage our customers to sign up to Aertv Plus and continue using the mobile service, we are also offering the chance to Win €3,000 Cash – click here to sign up to Aertv Plus and enter the competition.

Aertv Plus gives you unlimited mobile access to 25 TV channels, less ads, unlimited streaming and HD quality streams. For more information on why we need to change, how we arrived at the decision and how it affects you, please check out our blog here.
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