50 Day Countdown to Ireland’s Biggest Air Show

From Saturday, May 31st, there are just 50 days to go until the annual Bray Air Display, supported by the Irish Aviation Authority, takes to the skies above the east coast during Bray Summerfest.

Ireland’s largest free air show takes off at 3.30pm on Sunday, July 20th and the display attracted a record-breaking 85,000 spectators last year, with similar numbers expected again this year.

The ‘Flying Dentist’ (former aerobatic champion, Eddie Goggins) and the ‘Flying Farmer’ (former RAF pilot, Gerry Humphreys) are teaming up once again as ‘Aer Dynamics’. Their smoke-filled display promises to fill the skies with crossover loops, synchronised hammerheads and split shamrocks.

The Aer Lingus A321 is set to open the show and The Twister Team trio are also making a welcome return, in their Silence Twister aircraft with pyrotechnic effects.  The Pitts Trig Team and the Augusta Westland Aw 139 twin engine helicopter will also be entertaining the large crowds expected.

A piece of aviation history will be created on the day, with a unique display by three vintage aircraft: the Iolar from Aer Lingus along with two Chipmunks, flying in retro Irish Air Corps colours.

Meanwhile, this year’s headline acts include The Vampires of the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron, the Mig 15, the Hawker Hunter and The Sabre, which are all set to make their Bray debut.

Sé Pardy, the Display Director from Simtech Aviation, said: “This year’s display programme is the most family-friendly yet, with lots of spectacular aerial action for visitors of all ages to enjoy. From vintage planes to high speed aerobic formations, we’re welcoming top pilots from Ireland and around the world to Bray, to showcase aviation at its very best.”

For the first time this year, the three hour display will be live streamed through Aertv, helping the Bray Air Display reach international audiences online.

The Bray Air Display is just one of the highlights in the annual Bray Summerfest programme, which runs from July 5th to August 4th, subject to licence.

Due to the large crowds expected on July 20th, spectators are strongly advised to use DART, Dublin Bus and other public transport services as parking restrictions will be in place throughout the town.

More information around the Bray Air Display, which gets underway at 3.30pm, is available from http://www.brayairdisplay.com/ or http://www.braysummerfest.com/.

The event hashtag is #BrayAir and @BrayAirShow is the official Twitter account.

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