Introducing the most pointless yet brilliant invention: The Paper Aeroplane Machine

Oh yes. All your manual paper aeroplane manufacturing problems could be at an end. Introducing the paper aeroplane machine – the solution to a problem you didn’t know you had.

German paper aeroplane enthusiast Papierfliegerei shows us the true potential of 3D printing, by making this machine nearly entirely from the 3D printing process.

The video shows the internal workings of the machine as it folds the paper to make the aeroplane and the mechanism it uses to fire them out. It’s engineering genius. Well, maybe not genius – but certainly one of the coolest* paper aeroplane machines we have ever seen.


The video was posted to Youtube earlier this year, but the massive attention of the internet has only been thrust upon it in the last 24 hours. Sometimes, it takes time for true mavericks to be recognised.

This guy appears to be a paper aeroplane enthusiast, so perhaps building this machine is actually a useful time-saving boost to his productivity. For the rest of us, it would definitely be considered a vanity purchase if it were ever released on to the market. Still…




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