New RTÉ documentary tackles Ireland’s rental crisis – and it airs tonight

As anyone who is searching, or has searched, for a place to live in Dublin knows – it’s a hell of an uphill struggle right now.

Tonight at 9:35pm on RTÉ One, ‘Through the Roof: Rental Crisis’ looks at the problem facing many around the country as the supply of properties on the market is low and the demand is rocketing upwards.

With over 500,000 households renting across Ireland, the documentary title of ‘rental crisis’ is not hyperbole – as all the stats point to an increasingly difficult situation for those seeking a place to live, especially in the capital.

According to RTÉ, tonight’s programme is investigating the issue at exactly the right moment:

Through the Roof is a timely, observational documentary that aims to balance the experience of both landlords and tenants during Dublin’s busy 2014 autumn rental season. It’s a snapshot of the city’s private rental sector amid a critical housing and homelessness crisis. Characters and stories from both sides find pressures, conflicts and challenges in the everyday of renting or letting: from desperate tenants searching for a home or facing possible eviction, to landlords under severe financial pressures.

Anyone searching around with the thousands of others for a place will just be like this, through gritted teeth:


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