Forrest Gump – Tonight @10pm on 3e

One of our favorite movies of all time is on 3e tonight at 10pm. Another perfect way to spend a wet and windy evening. This movie has brought us some of the most memorable TV moments and even after watching it over 100 times i still thinks its fantastic. Its a movie that has given us so many brilliant quotes

Lets start with the best of them all


Forrest knew it was love at first sight



From that moment on he had eyes for just one person



Oh Jenny, that’s a question we ask ourselves a million times!


And true to one of its best lines, Forrest lived a truly incredible life




He became a college football legend, war hero and ran coast to coast of America a couple of times (as you do)



Got to drink all the Dr. Peppers he could want in The White House




Oh he was also the World Ping-Pong champion



And last but by no means least… Unintentionally wrote the lyrics of Imagine for John Lennon



Watch all of Forrest exploits on Aertv tonight at 10pm on 3e




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