Operation Transformation returns for Series 8

Operation Transformation, Thursday 2nd January, RTÉ One @ 6.30pm
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The guilt of over-indulgence is setting in for a lot of people already and I’ve already heard quite a few rumblings about New Year’s resolutions to get back in shape. RTÉ’s Operation Transformation will be starting back soon, which might give us all that bit of extra motivation.
A special episode tonight revisits some of the previous leaders from the past seven years.
It was revealed that the new series will have the youngest leader yet. Alan Mullen is only 21 and weighs 26 stone. Having lost control of his weight, he was spurred on by a cruel bet that said he would be dead by Christmas. Let’s hope he can turn that bet into something good for himself.
Until then, I’m sure we’ll all be dancing around the living room to work off a few pounds, Gangham style of course.

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