Roman Atwood does it again!


For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Roman Atwood he can be summed up as a comedian/ prankster/ serial wife annoy-er. He does endless amounts of pranks from pretending to kill his own child to pretending to rob an orphanage and pretending to his wife that he cheated on her (which his wife actually turned back on him with very funny results). This time around however he decides to play less of a prank and more of a legendary dad. He somehow manages to find millions of plastic balls and fills his entire house with them. Not only does he do that but he also builds and indoor trampoline. Now if i was a kid and someone did this it would probably never ever be beaten and would forever be the greatest day ever!

Here’s a few more of his

Killing His Own Kid!

Robbing an Orphanage

Cheater Backfire!

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