Watch Live: Athletics Ireland U-23 Championships

Aertv and Athletics Ireland have teamed again up to bring fans more live coverage from some of their calendar highlights in 2015.

The GloHealth U-23 Championships, which takes place this Sunday 25th January at Athlone International Arena, is the first fixture to be shown live this season on Aertv and Athletics Ireland. The GloHealth AAI Open Indoor Games will also be live streamed on Sunday 1st February.

Jump the Gun with Feidhlim Kelly will once again provide fast paced and witty commentary on the track and field events taking place from 1.15pm to 6.30pm.

The streaming of three of Athletics Ireland Indoor Track and Field events from the track at Athlone Institute of Technology achieved the highest Irish viewership of any sport aired on Aertv last year and we’re delighted to provide more live coverage in 2015.

Time Track Event
13.15 60m Junior Women Final
60m U23 Women Final
60m Junior Men Final
60mU23 Men Final
13.55 3000m Walk Jun & U23 Women Final
14.00 3000m Walk Jun & U23 Men Final
14.20 1500m Finals
14.40 200m Junior Women Heats
200m U23 Women Heats
200m Junior Men Heats
200m U23 Men Heats
16.00 800m Junior Women Heats
800m U23 Women Heats
800m Junior Men Heats
800m U23 Men Heats
16.30 60m H Junior Women Final
60m H U23 Women Final
60m H Junior Men Final
60m H U23 Men Final
17.05 200m Junior Women Final
200m U23 Women Final
200m Junior Men Final
200m U23 Men Final
18.00 800m Junior Women Final
800m Junior Men Final
18.20 400m Junior Women Final
400m U23 Women Final
400m Junior Men Final
400m U23 Men Final

12 Responses to “Watch Live: Athletics Ireland U-23 Championships”

  1. Anisa

    Nice to see the young ones getting out and lnarnieg the ropes! I love lnarnieg about the dogs….we get a good glimpse of their faces in the glamour shots, but I like lnarnieg them from the mushers view too…thanks for pointing out who’s who!


    You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!


    I’m quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!

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    • Trish

      Love the pics! Love to you and Chris! You look great–although I know you're ready! BTW, you've got to post daily so we all know what's going on!! It's Tu#d2ay&#8s30;.what&e39;s happening!


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