Can Ireland win the 6 Nations?

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The Facts:

  • Stuart Hogg (356) and Rob Kearney (265) are the top two metre-makers respectively in RBS Six Nations 2015.
  • Blair Cowan, Peter O’Mahony and Jack McGrath have each conceded seven penalties in this tournament, no other player has shipped more.
  • Blair Cowan has won more turnovers (7) than any other player in this year’s tournament.
  • Scotland head into the final weekend without a point to their name; should they fail to beat Ireland they would pick up a fourth wooden spoon since 2000.
  • Ireland are aiming to retain this title for the first time since 1983, when they shared the spoils with France. The last time Ireland won consecutive Five/Six Nations trophies outright was in 1948-1949.
  • Scotland have won three of 15 against Ireland in the RBS Six Nations, but two of those victories have been since the turn of the decade.
  • All four of Ireland’s tries in this edition have been in the second half of matches. In contrast, Scotland have scored four first half tries but just one in the final 40 of their four games.
  • Scotland have lost all five of their matches in two Six Nations seasons; 2004 and 2012.

So, with all that in mind who will leave the pitch as victors this Sunday come 4pm? Well even if Ireland do take the win it may not be enough for us to retain the Six Nations as both Wales and more likely England are looking to take this years trophy home. The top three are locked on six points with three wins apiece, while England’s points difference of +37 puts them first, ahead of Ireland’s +33 and Wales’ +12.



Wales are in action first away to Italy in Rome (12:30 GMT), before Ireland take on Scotland at Murrayfield (14:30 GMT), ahead of England’s home match against France at Twickenham (17:00 GMT).

Ireland make two changes from the Wales defeat, as winger Luke Fitzgerald comes in for Simon Zebo and loose-head prop Cian Healy replaces Jack McGrath.They have the benefit of knowing what Wales will have done, but with England kicking off after they have finished, they may be hesitant about whether to stick or twist.


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  1. Sara

    Hi! Thanks for the comment, sorry for the deeyald response. Scotland, Wales and New Zealand are all fantastic places (though if you had to pick one, I’d go with the last). Or, wait a few years and you can come have a cuppa in my tea room in Wales.


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