The Parlour TV – Episode 2


Join our host Danny Carroll in The Parlour bar in Whelans for episode 2 of our brand new music telly series. This week’s studio audience were treated to some awesome tunes from Katie Kim as well as some chats with Liza Geddes from Friction PR and Dan Finnegan from Paper Trail Records. Also featuring an insightful interview with Jennifer Evans carried out by our very own bar buzzer, Ray Wingnut.

Watch the first two episodes here

New episodes of The Parlour TV are available each Monday from 8pm on so be sure to tune in.

The Parlour is a 12-part TV series covering independent musicians and artists from Ireland.and beyond. Recorded weekly with a studio audience, the series is presented by award-winning music documentarian Danny Carroll, previously of DCTV’s ‘Community of Independents’, which ran for four seasons and showcased a host of Irish musical talent. The Parlour is produced in Dublin’s legendary music venue, Whelan’s, which celebrated its 25th birthday in 2014. The majority of each episode will come from the ‘Parlour Bar’, with Ray Wingnut, of Wingnut Records, an independent music retailer, distributor, label and collective, bringing a report from twelve different gigs taking place in the two venues downstairs. The series features 24 different Irish & international acts as well as discussions on different aspects of the music scene in Ireland and beyond. The website is a hub for activity around the television content and related interactions and sharing to take place among a community of independently minded music lovers.

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