So what is USB-C?



With the arrival of the new MacBook Pro and the revelation that they are kicking regular USB to the curb and taking USB-C to the forefront of their products. But what exactly is USB-C and why the change? Well to put it simply, USB-C is far more powerful than USB3. It allows you to deliver power, data and display. The best part? It wont matter which way you plug it in because its flip-able and works both ways. So no will you have to try and plug your USB into a computer and try it 3 times before it actually goes in.

Here is  a very useful video that explains what USB-C really is.



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  1. iCloud customer service

    It is the lightning-fast USB cable which has almost 50mbps transfer speed. This cable will be very much helpful for transferring large movies in a few minutes. It is normally 3 times faster than the normal USB cables.


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