10 Things you Need to Know Starting College

Author: Trish O’Leary Dunne


Its over. No more secondary school teachers, Leaving Cert or CAO. Sometimes the Leaving Cert feels like it will never end, but its only a year and the rest of your life is waiting for you on the other side…starting with college. You’ve probably gotten advice from friends, family and co-workers on what to expect and here’s our definitive list things you should know starting college.

1.      Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Studying when you start college is optional.


2.      What Happens in Fresher’s Week stays in Fresher’s Week

Need we say more?

3.      Learn to Budget when Starting College

Money is not easily come by in college and if you don’t keep an eye on the pennies you might find yourself eating Koka noodles week in week out. Believe me: Mammy’s home cooked dinners will never seem as tasty as they do after 5 days of cheap noodles!

4.      Household Essentials don’t Magically Appear

From toilet roll to tea towels, Cilit Bang to handwash… they don’t appear from thin air! Before going to college they’re rarely given a second thought but if you’re the housemate who forgets to buy when it’s their round don’t expect any pats on the back!

Starting college - household essentials

5.      Get your Student Card ASAP.

The holy grail of plastic cards is the beloved Student Card. With endless discounts: Maccy D’s, Irish Rail even club GAA matches the discounts are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

6.      Feeling Homesick when Starting College is Normal

Homesickness happens to the best of us and there’s no shame ringing the aul pair to hear about d’neighbours’ antics.

7.      Don’t Start Assignments the Night before Due Date

Procrastination is a word most college students become frequented with about three quarters way through Term 1. Putting things off is not too bad but leaving it until the night before is a nightmare. Even if you can type 150 WPM (words per minute), doing this 5 hours straight supped up on caffeine and energy drinks is neither enjoyable nor sustainable.

Starting college

8.      Don’t Stress over 1st Year: Enjoy it!

The first year in college is great because you usually just have to pass: wahey! There’s no contribution towards your degree GPA and the workload is often much lighter than subsequent years. So make the most of your free time and have a blast.

9.      You don’t have to go to Every Single Event

It would probably be impossible to go to every college event: there isn’t enough time, money, energy to do it all. And often the evenings where you kick back and watch TV with your housemates can be the best craic. It’s ok to stay in and watch TV sometime BUT….

10. Sort out your Broadband & TV when you Move in

Hanging around trying to sort it mid semester when you need to do research a project in the comfort of your home is no joke. There are lots of options for broadband and tv, and one with flexibility and a low price point is probably going to be your sweet spot.

Magnet have amazing Student Deals that include FREE TV for 3 months! And what’s best you can choose whether you want a contract or not… so if you’re taking off on a J1 next summer, you’re not stuck footing the bill! To check out the Magnet & AerTV deals call 1800 819 999 or click here.

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